Specializing In:


High Field and
Open MRI

Latest High Field Technology and
Non-Claustrophobic Open Units

CT Imaging

Multi Detector for faster scans


Bone Density, Testing,
Osteoporosis Screening


Accredited by the American College
of Radiology

Breast Imaging/Digital

Accredited by the FDA
and the American College of Radiology






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Mission and Values


Mission Statement Walnut Bottom Radiology's mission is to be the premiere provider of diagnostic imaging services in the region. Walnut Bottom Radiology will provide cost effective and high quality imaging studies and consultations for our patients and referring providers.

For Womens' Health:  Specializing in womens' health, we offer state of the art Digital Mammography with R2 Checker (Computer Aided Detection Technology), Ultrasound, and Bone Density Equipment.  Our private entrance and suite ensure confidentiality to all our patients.  A comfortable atmosphere, superior technology, and an extraordinary team of board certified radiologists are employed to give you a pleasant and worry-free experience.  The MammoPad is available on request.

Walnut Bottom Radiology is a specialty diagnostic imaging practice.  Our Office is located in Carlisle next to I-81 at exit 45.  We are convenient to the West Shore and the surrounding region.



WBR Online


Walnut Bottom Radiology offers subscribing physicians the ability to access results online. Please fill out the accompanying form. Within twenty four to forty eight hours you will receive an email with your account information. You can then access your results by clicking the link below.



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Recent News


Walnut Bottom Radiology Partners with PinnacleHealth.  Walnut Bottom Radiology is please to announce its partnership with Pinnacle Health Hospitals.  Pinnacle Health has been an innovative industry leader in this area and will  enhance our ability to provide you with the same high quality services that you have come to expect from Walnut Bottom Radiology. 

Walnut Bottom Radiology has partnered with NovaRad in implementing a computerized Radiology Information System and Digital Archival System.  As physician offices move towards an electronic computerized medical record Walnut Bottom Radiology is ready.  Physician offices now have 24 hour access to all patient reports and access to MRI, CT and Ultrasound studies on line.

The new high field MRI suite is now open and accepting appointments!  Walnut Bottom Radiology brings the latest high field  MRI technology to compliment our Open MRI unit.  The Philips Achieva MRI  produces high definition images in about one half the time.  The Achieva high field unit also allows much greater clinical capability.  An entire new wing has been added to the building to house the new suite with a separate private changing and waiting area.

The HOLOGIC Full Field Digital Mammography with the R2 Image Checker system is now at Walnut Bottom Radiology!  Digital mammography has been shown to improve the accuracy of diagnosis in patients under the age of 50 and in patients with dense breasts.  It also has reduced radiation dose, improved patient comfort and takes less time than the conventional film mammograms.  The R2 Image Checker uses Computer Aided Detection to help the radiologist find early or subtle findings.